Welcome to my professional and personal website where you can get an idea of my professional background and a micro log of my travels. I'm from Petit-Rocher, a small village in Canada, though I currently reside in the Philippines. Here's a few lines to describe the geek in me: I like working on challenging problems and prefer simple solutions; my operating system of choice is GNU Linux; free and open source software (as in speech, not beer) is always my first choice; LISPs, Prolog, Mozart/Oz, Julia and Python are my favourite programming languages; I love classical and jazz music (among others), eating good fresh food, a mostly vegetarian way of life, BBQ, travelling, animals, nature and yoga; I love mathematics and scientific research and wish I had more time for both; I love good typography and LaTeX, and I hate word processors.


  • Founder, Senior Systems Engineer

    Nuzusys - Asia/Pacific,

    January 2014 - Present

    Nuzusys is a small technology service company I started. We offer a growing list of solutions in the field of education, health, agriculture and sustainable living and renewable energy. Our services mostly cater to developing countries.

  • Senior ICT Consultant

    Pacific Legal Information Institute - Vanuatu,

    July 2013 - December 2013

    A short term consultancy work with the goal of analysing current state of data center infrastructure and provide advise for short and medium term

  • Technical Director

    Computer and Network Services - Vanuatu,

    November 2007 - January 2014

    Where I was in charge of managing the technical operations of a locally owned ICT service provider. I was instrumental in growing the business and expanding services always keeping ahead of the local foreign competition.

  • Adviser and Senior Instructor

    Edwards Computer Foundation - Vanuatu

    November 2011 - December 2013

    Where I helped the largest locally owned ICT school grow into a modern learning institute with an online learning platform. I trained instructors to develop more professional learning courses by providing a completely new program developed as a simplified version of my own Masters Degree in Information Systems to be used as best practice guide. I also taught students the program for 2 years.

  • ICT Adviser

    People First Network - Solomon Islands, PFNet Wiki

    September 2004 - September 2007

    First rural network in the Pacific connecting small communities to the Internet improving communication, education and community development. I worked in the role of adviser and capacity building officer for the rural network based on solar energy, HR radio and small computer office equipment. The project then evolved using more modern technologies and while it never attained self sustainability it was a first of its kind and has a great deal of practical learned lessons for current and future similar projects.



Software Engineering85%

Systems/Network Administration95%

Systems Integration85%

Electrical/Hardware Engineering60%

UI/UX Design75%




Project Management90%

Team Work80%

Cross Cultural Communication90%







Tagalog (Filipino)30%


  • Masters of Science in Information Systems

    Athabasca University University, Canada

    January 2007 - January 2011

    A practical approach to mastering information systems and related disciplines of information and communication technologies. The degree path was mostly course based with a software engineering research component.

  • Diploma in Accounting and Business Administration

    Athabasca University, Canada

    September 2005 - December 2007

    A business administration diploma with a focus on financial accounting and project management.

  • Bachelor Of Electrical Engineering

    Université de Moncton, Canada

    September 1998 - June 2003

    An electrical engineering degree in which I studied the applied physics and mathematics of a broad range of disciplines including hardware design and electronics, digital signal processing, power engineering, telecommunications, control systems and computer science. Basic courses from the other big engineering fields such as civil, mechanical and industrial were also part of the program.



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Semantic Web User Interfaces: A Systematic Mapping Study and Review
  • Type: Secondary Research
  • 2012

A systematic literature review I co-wrote with and under the supervision of Dr. Dragan Gašević on Semantic Web User Interfaces as part of my Masters Degree of Science in Information Systems. This study aims at surveying existing research on Semantic Web user interfaces in order to synthesise their results, assess the level of the maturity of the research results, and identify needs for future research.

Instant OpenNMS Starter
  • Type: Technical Book
  • Published: June 2013

A short, fast and focused guide on OpenNMS, an enterprise-grade open source network monitoring platform, I wrote for Packt Publishing. The project has evolved a lot since, and this textbook is not as useful now. In fact, if you are looking for an up-to-date textbook on OpenNMS you will almost certainly be disappointed and should not buy it. That said, I do feel I did a decent job at simplifying what was back then a harder project understand and might still be a good read for some technical people.

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In a nutshell, here are the things I am interested in.

  • Movies/TV
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Yoga/Exercise
  • Traveling
  • Computer Programming
  • Renewable Energy


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